Giving Back

10% of every commission is donated


Imagine buying or selling a home and knowing you will be helping homeless animals along the way!

With The Pet Agent that is exactly what will happen!

When you close or sell a home with me a 10% of my commission will be donated to the animal rescue or shelter of YOUR choice!

Don’t have an animal rescue that you are passionate about? That is OK – you can select from on of my partner rescues profiled below.

How Does It Work?


If you buy a home with me the closing is done and I receive my commission – 10% of it will go to the rescue you choose.

If you sell a home with me – after the closing is complete and I receive my commission – 10% of it will be donated to a rescue of your choosing.

Why Am I Doing This?

I have been active in the animal rescue community for many years and see how passionate animal rescuers are.

Sadly, many rescues and shelters are severely underfunded and when this happens, animals may not get the care they need. I have a blog at CharityPaws which has always been a passion project and has helped many rescues – and pet parents over the years, but I wanted to kick it up a notch to help financially.

NJ Rescues I Support

While you can donate to any animal rescue that is a registered 501(c)(3) in the USA that is in good standing, below are a few that personally love and adore in case you do not have a rescue you are passionate about.

Jersey Animal Welfare Society

One Step Closer Animal Rescue (Oscar)

Want your rescue listed here? Email me at and let me support you too!

What If I Do Not Know Any Rescues?

That is OK! We can select one for you!

How Can Rescues Get Involved?

If you are a rescue or shelter – you can get involved by referring anyone you know that is looking to buy or sell a home in the Monmouth, Middlesex or Ocean County New Jersey areas.

Make sure they let me know the name of the rescue that they were referred by so they can receive the commission donation if the deal is finalized!

How can you maximize the chances of your getting a donation?

  1. Recommend me as your preferred realtor to your friends and family.
  2. Share my website on your social media outlets to your rescue family
  3. Place a link or banner on your website to mine recommending me as your favorite “pet friendly” realtor.


If you want to recommend me to your community then please do!

If you are a rescue, you can download a banner from below and share it on social and on your website with a link back to this page. Just remind your friends and supporters to mention your rescue if they do decide to work with me so you get the donation when their home closes!

Other Rescues I Support!

Below are other animal rescue organizations that I recommend and support!

Visit Happy Compromise Farm
Located in Drain, Oregon

Rescue Banner

Download the banner so you can share it with your supporters in case they are looking to move!

Custom Rescue Banner

Email me your logo and rescue name and I will create a banner for your rescue to share with your supporters.